Monday, December 20, 2010

Battle Report: The Burning Sands Legion vs Tommy's Greenskin Menace

Burning Sands Chapter
Chapter Master Gregorious Chase sat under his field tent, sipping tea and watching the battle through his field glasses.  Far in the distance he saw his brave fighting marines staring down the approach of four Ork Battlewagons full of shoota boyz.  He glanced to his second in command, Chaplain Darnassus and said, "I say, is that the entirety of their army?"

"I believe so," Darnassus said, refilling his master's tea cup.  "Rather lacks finesse, doesn't it?"

"Indeed," Chase said, and looked at his reserves.  A squad of scouts loading into their Landspeeder and his Vanguard veterans testing their jump packs in perparation for a deep strike, then he looked back to the battle.  The wagons were much closer, and lascannon beams were bouncing off of them like lasguns off of terminators.  "Bugger that then.  Let's go home."

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