Monday, March 28, 2011

Battle Report: Cleansing Machismo

Report: The Cleansing of Taphyre Hive
Date: 128.M42
Logger: Palatine Kora Halquin, Order of Our Martyred Lady, Cleansing Fire Commandery
Location: Taphyre Hive, Golsorath, Davoth Subsector, Eastern Rim

To my dying day I shall never understand why the Grey Knights are such absolute tossers.  Both the Cleansing Fire Commandery and a force of Grey Knights were to support Inquisitor Vecht of the Ordo Hereticus and Inquisitor Paulo of the Ordo Malleus with the cleansing of a chaos cult in the hive city of Taphrye on the planet Golsorath.  Everything seemed to be going just fine until the leader of the Grey Knights, one Mordrak, started having fits and summoning ghosts and claiming heresy and diabolism in our general direction.  After loudly professing the faith of the Cleansing Fire Commandery, Celestian Superior Michelle Gray voxed our mobile command center that something terrible was up.  Canoness Cross suggested  shooting Mordrak in the face to see if that would get him to stop.  It did not.

The Grey Knights, who numbered 15 Terminators, 5 Paladins, 2 Dreadknights, a Librarian and the thrice damned Mordrak himself chose to attack us before Superior Gray could even get within bolter range.  The foul witch marines must have known what was coming and opened fire first!  Proving to be as absolutely useless as their namesake (White Knights are valorous heroes and Black Knights are bilious villains, so I must assume Grey Knights just stand about feeling conflicted) they failed to do so much as rattle a single one of our sisters.  But then the Dreadknights appeared.

One appeared directly in front of our main force, ripping into reality atop a burning furnace.  The machine was like nothing our sisters had ever seen.  It towered over them, carrying massive weapons, protected by arcane technologies.  It was the pinnacle of Grey Knight power.  Then one of our Excorcists shot it and it blew apart quite nicely with no fuss.  The other Dreadknight fared better, appearing on our left flnank and attacking a group of Retributors who rightly ran from its fearful weapons.  This Dreadknight took a few more Excorcist rockets head on, then charged, tripped over the remains of the Retributors' Immolator and crushed its pilot.  The Emperor Protects.

Our Dominions bravely gave their lives ending the vile lives of Terminators and the Grey Knights' Librarian, but eventually fell to nemesis Force Weapons and ghosts.  How terrible is it that the Grey Knights must rely upon their dead to fight, as if the living aren't quite good enough.  Still, after killing ten of our brave Sisters, Mordrak and his squad of Terminators (Of which only five remained, including Mordrak himself) found themselves suddenly face to face with 35 angry Sororitas and no cover.  He wisely surrendered.

Our Cannoness was quite upset that the battle ended before she could arrive with her honor guard of Seraphim, and Inquisitor Vecht was forced to appease her by giving her full command over the Grey Knights for the rest of the cleansing of the Hive.  It is my understanding that they were forced to sweep the sewers for mutant rats while our Commandery finished cleansing the Hive.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming Soon: The Waaaaagh Walka!

I haven't actually done any conversions in a while (not since the infamous flying weirdboy) so I went to my gaming store with no plans in mind and decided to just loot the shit out of something, anything.  So, coming soon, a Looted Eldar War Walker.  Still have no actual plans for what exactly I'm gonna do with it yet except it's gonna count as a Killa Kan.  Please leave suggestions in the box below.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sisters of Battle Wargear Part 1: The Guns

This is this first part of an overview of Sisters of Battle wargear, and so focuses on the guns since that's the most important part of a Sisters of Battle army.  One thing to point out is that these weapons are scored subjectively based on being used by Sisters of Battle, rather than other armies that might be able to take them.  So while a Multimelta is damned good for Space Marines, it's only an average choice for Sisters, who don't have the luxury of standing still within 24" of the enemy.

Bolter 2/5: It's a bolter.  Bolt shit.

Bolt Pistol 1/5: Only Seraphim ever need bolt pistols.  The only advantage they have over bolters is the extra attack in close combat, and the only units you have that should ever be in close combat can take inferno pistols.

Storm Bolter 2(3)/5: Flamers are better, meltas are much better.  Why take it?  This is your psycannon bolt platform.  Given to an Inquisitor, this gun kills Eldar of either type dead, and does a good job against most other things as well.  It also gives your Blessed Weapon/Eviscerator Heroine something to shoot with their BS5 too.

Heavy Bolter 3/5: Good for retributor squads. which is good since they're the only infantry that can take it.  Sisters have problems with infantry at range, and this is their only answer.  Putting it on an Immolator, which is the only other platform for it, is a waste.

Melta Gun 5/5: Your bread and butter anti-tank.  Take them.  Take them lots.  They are especially good in dominion squads.  Almost all special weapons in your army should be melta guns.

Multi-melta 2/5: How can a bigger, better melta be worse?  Because it's heavy.  Not good on Immolators, where it's a 20 point upgrade, unless you feel like fielding six Multi-melta Immos (don't).  Sisters rely on mobility more than most other armies, so should never be given heavy weapons unless they have a lot of range.

Inferno Pistol 3/5: This gun depends on who is using it.  NEVER GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WITHOUT A JUMP PACK.  6" range with a 3" Melta is unforgiving.  Seraphim make good use of them, since they're twin linked in Seraphim squads, Not bad on heroines, but if you're taking an eviscerator it's a bit moot, and you don't get the extra pistol attack.

Flamer 3/5: OMG Flamer.  Sisters' propensity for for mobile war loves the flamer.  On dominion squads in an immolator it turns infantry of almost any type to mush.  It's less effective against MEQ, but still okay.

Heavy Flamer 5/5 (6/5 on Immo!): Everything a flamer does, but better.  Wounds most infantry on 2s or 3s, ignores cover and most armor (stupid beakies), and it's an assault weapon for your heavy weapons slot, essential for that mobile fire sisters need.  On an Immolator it becomes the very deadliest gun in the army since it rerolls wounds and can be given Blessed Promethium.

Plasma Pistol 3/5: Not bad on a Seraphim Superior, a decent choice for your Heroine or Inquisitor.  I usually ignore it in favor of something that's not gonna kill me.

Combi Weapons 2/5: Good for that one extra shot of Flame or Melta, but since only sister superiors can take them, not really worth it.  The Combi-Stake Crossbow, however, is worth note for its ability to tear Hive Tyrants to pieces.

Hellgun 1/5: Only for Inquisitorial Stormtroopers and Warrior Retinue, and that's about the same as saying not good at all.

Laspistol 0/5: If your priest doesn't have an eviscerator he'll have this, as will most of your Inquisitor's retinue.  Damn shame, really.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Play Sisters of Battle?

In the current metagame, Sisters of Battle hold a rather low point in the competitive ladder of armies, it being generally accepted that they have only one competitive list.  This, along with their old codex and expensive metal models, makes them an underplayed and rare army, but somehow their popularity persists anyway.  Everyone knows Sisters of Battle, and whether they make fun of them for being outdated or respect them for their unique playstyle, everyone has an opinion on them.  That's all well and good, but just being popular doesn't mean that Sisters get played.  So, why should you play Sisters of Battle?

#1: They're Unique
While there are any number of Marine Equivalent armies out there (Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Templars, Smurfs...), and Sisters at first look like an MEQ army, there's a distinct difference between the deadly Sororitas and the mighty Astartes.  The first, and most obvious at a casual glance, is their statline.  According to the stats, Sisters of Battle are simply Imperial Guard Veterans in Power Armor, with Bolters instead of lasguns.  They fit somewhere in the middle of Guard and Marine, but stand out distinctly from both thanks to Faith.

Most people will agree that the shining point of a Sisters army are Acts of Faith.  Whether they're making them stronger, faster, more durable or more deadly, Battle Sisters have a wide variety of options open to every squad (with the purchase of a veteran superior!) which allows a Sisters force to adapt and change as the needs of the battlefield demand, something not many other armies can boast.  And who doesn't love 3++ saves and AP1 Bolter shots?  Acts of Faith add an entire new dimension to the game.

#2: They're Aggressive
Sisters are, without a doubt, a shooting army.  Their Strength, Toughness, Initiative and number of Attacks does not lead to assault at all, and yet, unlike other shooting mostly armies, the Sisters of Battle demand an aggressive style of play that would cause Tau to falter and collapse.  This is because Sisters of Battle, almost regardless of squad, have a sweet spot in which they are extremely deadly.

Within 12" Sisters of Battle are one of the most dangerous armies in the entire game.  Double Tapping Bolters, Meltaguns and Flamers of all sizes fill their ranks, and with their Acts of Faith all of these weapons can be treated as AP1 on To Wound rolls of 6.  Marines cower, even Terminators shiver when a Rhino full of Battle Sisters pulls up in front of them at point blank range.  Sisters of Battle reward aggressive movement and careful positioning, and their best anti-infantry weapons ignore the cover saves so prevalent in 5th edition, removing the safety of ruins or forests for most armies.

#3: They Look Cool
When you think of Marines, what do you see?  Boxes with guns and tank treads and lots of aluminum cans with bolters, all identical, moving across the battlefield.  Some armies manage to individualize troops a little (I'm looking at you Space Wolves) but generally speaking, appearancewise, A Marine is a Marine is a Marine.  Sisters of Battle, however, have a very striking and unique appearance.  Clothed in holy vestments with windblown hair, or wielding impossibly large eviscerators, Sisters of Battle stand out from every other army in their high gothic style.

Even their vehicles look different, despite being based on the same Rhino chassis as the Space Marines.  Immolators have their huge bubble turrets and the mighty Excorcist is instantly recognizable thanks to the wrought iron pipe organ protruding from its back.  Just look at a Penitent Engine or a Seraphim and compare it to a Dreanought or an Assault Marine and the difference becomes clear.

#4: Their Theme
Holy warriors beating face on the enemy with the power of their faith.  That's the Sisters of Battle in a nutshell.  They are an army that cleanses and purifies, bringing the holy light of the Emperor to all heretics and nonbelievers (that means everyone).  Whether you think that idea's amazing or just wanna smash their faces in, everybody has a reaction to a holy crusade of Bolter Bitches rumbling through town lighting everything on fire in the name of God.  It's just human nature.

So, in conclusion, I'd like to say that I personally love Sisters of Battle (Obviously) and while they may not be considered competitive right now, they're definitely fun to play.  there's no standing around, there's no prolonged combats that go nowhere.  It's brutal, it's in your face, and most importantly it's ON FIRE.  Say it with me now, kids.  Heavy Flamer.  Love it.  Cherish it.  Bring it home to meet your parents.  Use it to burn them as Hereticus Extremus.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Luckeez Wurlies

It was the feel of the wind on his face that really made everything worthwhile for Luckee, ace pilot of the Inquisitorks.  The blades of his kustom built Dethkopta whipped overhead with the sound of rattling metal and parts ready to fly off and explode from the immense torque provided by the terribly over sized jet engines located behind his head.  It sounded like an Ork vehicle.  It sounded fast.

Now any old Git could tell you that Luckee was the best pilot to ever put his teeth on the steering column of a Kopta.  Any old git that wasn't part of the Roar of Mork, that other skwardon of Koptas  that thought they was better than Luckees Wurlies, but those gits were off their rockers.  Everybody knew Luckee's Wurlies flew faster, lower and more explodey than them Roar boyz could even dream of.  Heck, Luckee had even made sure all of the boyz in his skwadron had extra large fuel tanks so that when they hit stuff the fireball was bigger.  Yes sir, Luckee was the cream of the crop.  The biggest squig in the pile.  The top notch of all notches.  heck, the only reason he wasn't a nob by now was because he couldn't fit in his chair if he got any bigger.