Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rejected Inquisitor Upgrades for the new GK Codex

Crate of Mongooses: Make 12d6 extra close combat attacks at S1 AP-.  "DIE DEMON!" Skreeskreeskree!

Daemon Screwdriver: Functions as Daemon Hammer, but even more suggestive.  "Pound or Screw?  Choices choices..."

Psychic Condom: Functions as Psychic Hood, but only works against Slaanesh.  "You don't know where she's been."

Big Black Coat: Provides no armor save but makes the Inquisitor even more Inquisitorial.  "Screw armor, I'm an Inquisitor!"

Badass Hat: All units wishing to assault the Inquisitor's unit must pass a morale test or fall back.  "Nobody messes with the hat."

Flying Circus: The Inquisitor and his retinue gain the Infiltrate universal special rule.  "Nobody expects us!"

Signature Sidearm:  S6 AP3 Bolt Pistol.  "Then I blew the Space Marine's head off..."

Untouchable:  All Cullexus special abilities -and- cannot be specifically targeted by daemons or psykers.  "You too can have a deus ex machina!"

Badass Bounty Hunter: All stats at 5, 3 Wounds, 3+ Armor, 2+ Invul.  "Bald guys never go out of style."

Busty Redhead: All stats at 4, 2 Wounds, 4+ Invul.  Starts with two one handed weapons of your choice, loses both after first turn.  "We don't keep her around because she's particularly good at her job..."

Cannon Fodder: Statted as an Inquisitorial Stormtrooper.  Give this model an intriguing backstory.  All wounds must be assigned to this model first.  "He'd been with me for years..."

Really Smart Guy: Allows a re-roll of any single dice per turn, but Ld must be tested each time or unit becomes Pinned.  "Yes, that's very fascinating, but we're kind of busy here."

Rogue Trader: All stats at 4, 2  Wounds, Ld10.  Can take any wargear from any codex.  If Rogue Trader model comes within 12" of an objective model detatches from unit becoming an Independent Character and moves as fast as possible towards objective.  Should he reach it, he and the objective are immediately removed from the game.  "That bastard stole the MacGuffin!"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrating the New Convent

To All Loyal Subjects of The Imperium,

This notice hereby informs all residents of the Davoth Subsector that the Order of Our Martyred Lady has recently build a new cathedral on the recently christened planet of Autarch's Folly (formerly Hesperia IV).  The Cathedral of the Impervious Celestian is built upon the site of the great battle in which Sisters of the Cleansing Fire Commandery drove off the defending Eldar forces of the once Xenos held world, and will serve as the new headquarters of the Cleansing Fire Commandery. 

The cathedral is named after Celestian Jenna Falcone who, along with her sisters, dropped directly into the center of the Eldar stronghold and proceeded to give their lives distracting a Wraithlord, which gave the rest of the Commandery's forces the time they needed to assault the exterior of the Eldar fortifications.  Falcone was the last of the Celestians to fall, after receiving blow after blow from the Wraithlord, protected only by the power of her faith.

Also participating in the battle was Inquisitor Harold M. Stansfield of the Ordo Hereticus who led his personal squad of Stormtroopers, the Hellboys, directly into the fray in order to kill an Eldar Farseer who was giving aid to the Wraithlord.  Though the Farseer was torn apart by Psycannon Bolts and Plasma, the Inquisitor was too late to save the proud Celestians.  Upon killing the Xeno Witch, Inquisitor Stansfield withdrew from the field along with the lone surviving Hellboy.

Victory was achieved when Canoness Angelica Cross, leader of the Cleansing Fire Commandery dropped into the enemy stronghold along with an honor guard of ten Seraphim.  They destroyed one of the enemy's bastions, then engaged the Wraithlord.  Though many Seraphim lost their lives to the Xeno beast, Canoness Cross scored it a vicious scar across the face that left it too dazed to further participate in the battle.  The Canoness and her surviving Seraphim disengaged and continued to wreak havoc throughout the base until only the Canoness was left alive.

Canoness Cross then challenged and engaged the Eldar Autarch, high commander of the xenos forces, in single combat.  Weilding her blessed weapon and garbed in holy relics of the Order, Canoness Cross cut down the Autarch, sapping the will of the Eldar host and forcing them to flee.

The planet was taken for the Imperium, but only at great cost.  Eighteen Battle Sisters of the Cleansing Fire Commandery, nine Inquisitorial Stormtroopers and an Inquisition Assassin all died taking the site.  Their blood has sanctified the land and insured the blessings of The Emperor upon the beautiful Paradise World.

-BBC Davoth

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1k Witch Hunters : Holy Word Mission

Having decided to help my dear friend test her 1k list for her tournament, I decided to make my own 1k list.  After a few plays I found that at this points level taking an Inquisitor Lord with Retinue is kind of points intensive for little payoff, I cheesed it up and replaced him with Melta-Dommies in an Immolator.  You know, the Mathamancy way.  Check it.

Palatine: PW & Inferno Pistol
5x Celestian Retinue: Sacred Standard, Melta, Brazier of Holy Fire

10x Repentia w/Priest

10x Battle Sisters: Heavy Flamer, Melta

10x Battle Sisters: Heavy Flamer, Melta

5x Dominions: Melta x4, Immolator

Eversor Assassin

Results: Everyone has always told me that Repentia are not even remotely worth the points cost, and there aren't nearly enough vehicles to work with the metagame.  Seeing as, with this list, I have now gone 4-0 against heavily mechanized lists I have discovered that people are made of stupid sometimes.  This list has taught me that Repentia get better the lower the points cost and the later into the game they're introduced, so keeping them in reserve is a necessity.  The Eversor, honestly, is pretty hit or miss, but when he hits he hits hard.  I'd honestly like more than just the two faith points provided by the Pally and her retinue, but I haven't found myself really needing them.

Having anti-tank in every squad except the Eversor has really made the difference here, compared to my normal list where I ten to rely on Krak Grenades in all my squads and Meltas with Seraphim.  What can I say?  I like burny.  The Heavy Flamers help a ton too, as at 1k they tend to annihilate everything that isn't a Space Marine since people tend to rely more on the free cover saves than Invuls or extra armor.  Dominions always make up their points cost, no matter what they're armed with, especially when you drop them in an Immolator.  My 2k list runs two squads of them with so much flamer.  So much flamer......

I do miss my Excorcists (Der Uber Tank) but they're much too points intensive for this level of play.  Without screening units, even with AV13 they're too vulnerable to anti-tank, most especially on a 4x4 board.