Thursday, June 30, 2011

Secret Project Update

Due to some production delays the secret project as been slightly delayed in being revealed. It's nothing huge (the artist's desk is currently hidden under piles of her roommate's moving out boxes) and if anything it should only be a short delay.

Along with the minor delay comes a change in art style. After seeing the preliminary proofs I had the artist make a few changes. I felt art nouveau didn't properly capture the feeling I was trying to get across and so we switched to a slightly more modern style with hints of art deco to enhance the overall feel. We also went a bit bolder with the colors to create a more dynamic style.

This is feeling less like a secret project right now than a baby whose due date is rapidly approaching and I haven't told anyone the gender yet.
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  1. So...are you using the same PR strategy that GW does?


  2. Not intentionally. It's not meant to be SECRETSECRET except it's called Secret project, but I just don't wanna ruin the surprise!