Sunday, June 26, 2011

A numbers game

I told you quitting wasn't going to last long. Sundays are slow at work so I decided to run a numbers game as seen here: (excuse the lack of formatting I'm posting this on my phone while having lunch). This is basically a numerical measurement of my army's potential against a MEQ army in terms of being dead killy. I only ran the numbers for my standard 2k ork composition, but let's see how I did!

Marines shot per game: 84
Marines chopped per game: 208.35
Rhinos destroyed per game: 18.85
Land Raiders destroyed per game: 5.15

Now this is only the pure potential of my army and does not reflect an actual game, but its a good judge of raw firepower. Now let's compare it to the orks that won third at Nova.

Marines shot per game: 94.5
Marines chopped per game: 228.75
Rhinos destroyed per game: 80
Land Raiders destroyed per game: 31.04

Holy crap! I got owned! And I might be mistaken, but isn't Nova an 1850 tournament? Obviously my list is very far from optimised. Maybe I should rethink its structure... Nah. I'm pretty far from a competitive player, and I don't plan on entering any tournaments any time soon. Still, interesting to know how far behind I am in competitive list building.

PS: I have been informed my secret project will be ready to be revealed within the week!
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