Monday, March 28, 2011

Battle Report: Cleansing Machismo

Report: The Cleansing of Taphyre Hive
Date: 128.M42
Logger: Palatine Kora Halquin, Order of Our Martyred Lady, Cleansing Fire Commandery
Location: Taphyre Hive, Golsorath, Davoth Subsector, Eastern Rim

To my dying day I shall never understand why the Grey Knights are such absolute tossers.  Both the Cleansing Fire Commandery and a force of Grey Knights were to support Inquisitor Vecht of the Ordo Hereticus and Inquisitor Paulo of the Ordo Malleus with the cleansing of a chaos cult in the hive city of Taphrye on the planet Golsorath.  Everything seemed to be going just fine until the leader of the Grey Knights, one Mordrak, started having fits and summoning ghosts and claiming heresy and diabolism in our general direction.  After loudly professing the faith of the Cleansing Fire Commandery, Celestian Superior Michelle Gray voxed our mobile command center that something terrible was up.  Canoness Cross suggested  shooting Mordrak in the face to see if that would get him to stop.  It did not.

The Grey Knights, who numbered 15 Terminators, 5 Paladins, 2 Dreadknights, a Librarian and the thrice damned Mordrak himself chose to attack us before Superior Gray could even get within bolter range.  The foul witch marines must have known what was coming and opened fire first!  Proving to be as absolutely useless as their namesake (White Knights are valorous heroes and Black Knights are bilious villains, so I must assume Grey Knights just stand about feeling conflicted) they failed to do so much as rattle a single one of our sisters.  But then the Dreadknights appeared.

One appeared directly in front of our main force, ripping into reality atop a burning furnace.  The machine was like nothing our sisters had ever seen.  It towered over them, carrying massive weapons, protected by arcane technologies.  It was the pinnacle of Grey Knight power.  Then one of our Excorcists shot it and it blew apart quite nicely with no fuss.  The other Dreadknight fared better, appearing on our left flnank and attacking a group of Retributors who rightly ran from its fearful weapons.  This Dreadknight took a few more Excorcist rockets head on, then charged, tripped over the remains of the Retributors' Immolator and crushed its pilot.  The Emperor Protects.

Our Dominions bravely gave their lives ending the vile lives of Terminators and the Grey Knights' Librarian, but eventually fell to nemesis Force Weapons and ghosts.  How terrible is it that the Grey Knights must rely upon their dead to fight, as if the living aren't quite good enough.  Still, after killing ten of our brave Sisters, Mordrak and his squad of Terminators (Of which only five remained, including Mordrak himself) found themselves suddenly face to face with 35 angry Sororitas and no cover.  He wisely surrendered.

Our Cannoness was quite upset that the battle ended before she could arrive with her honor guard of Seraphim, and Inquisitor Vecht was forced to appease her by giving her full command over the Grey Knights for the rest of the cleansing of the Hive.  It is my understanding that they were forced to sweep the sewers for mutant rats while our Commandery finished cleansing the Hive.

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