Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrating the New Convent

To All Loyal Subjects of The Imperium,

This notice hereby informs all residents of the Davoth Subsector that the Order of Our Martyred Lady has recently build a new cathedral on the recently christened planet of Autarch's Folly (formerly Hesperia IV).  The Cathedral of the Impervious Celestian is built upon the site of the great battle in which Sisters of the Cleansing Fire Commandery drove off the defending Eldar forces of the once Xenos held world, and will serve as the new headquarters of the Cleansing Fire Commandery. 

The cathedral is named after Celestian Jenna Falcone who, along with her sisters, dropped directly into the center of the Eldar stronghold and proceeded to give their lives distracting a Wraithlord, which gave the rest of the Commandery's forces the time they needed to assault the exterior of the Eldar fortifications.  Falcone was the last of the Celestians to fall, after receiving blow after blow from the Wraithlord, protected only by the power of her faith.

Also participating in the battle was Inquisitor Harold M. Stansfield of the Ordo Hereticus who led his personal squad of Stormtroopers, the Hellboys, directly into the fray in order to kill an Eldar Farseer who was giving aid to the Wraithlord.  Though the Farseer was torn apart by Psycannon Bolts and Plasma, the Inquisitor was too late to save the proud Celestians.  Upon killing the Xeno Witch, Inquisitor Stansfield withdrew from the field along with the lone surviving Hellboy.

Victory was achieved when Canoness Angelica Cross, leader of the Cleansing Fire Commandery dropped into the enemy stronghold along with an honor guard of ten Seraphim.  They destroyed one of the enemy's bastions, then engaged the Wraithlord.  Though many Seraphim lost their lives to the Xeno beast, Canoness Cross scored it a vicious scar across the face that left it too dazed to further participate in the battle.  The Canoness and her surviving Seraphim disengaged and continued to wreak havoc throughout the base until only the Canoness was left alive.

Canoness Cross then challenged and engaged the Eldar Autarch, high commander of the xenos forces, in single combat.  Weilding her blessed weapon and garbed in holy relics of the Order, Canoness Cross cut down the Autarch, sapping the will of the Eldar host and forcing them to flee.

The planet was taken for the Imperium, but only at great cost.  Eighteen Battle Sisters of the Cleansing Fire Commandery, nine Inquisitorial Stormtroopers and an Inquisition Assassin all died taking the site.  Their blood has sanctified the land and insured the blessings of The Emperor upon the beautiful Paradise World.

-BBC Davoth

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