Sunday, January 16, 2011

1k Witch Hunters : Holy Word Mission

Having decided to help my dear friend test her 1k list for her tournament, I decided to make my own 1k list.  After a few plays I found that at this points level taking an Inquisitor Lord with Retinue is kind of points intensive for little payoff, I cheesed it up and replaced him with Melta-Dommies in an Immolator.  You know, the Mathamancy way.  Check it.

Palatine: PW & Inferno Pistol
5x Celestian Retinue: Sacred Standard, Melta, Brazier of Holy Fire

10x Repentia w/Priest

10x Battle Sisters: Heavy Flamer, Melta

10x Battle Sisters: Heavy Flamer, Melta

5x Dominions: Melta x4, Immolator

Eversor Assassin

Results: Everyone has always told me that Repentia are not even remotely worth the points cost, and there aren't nearly enough vehicles to work with the metagame.  Seeing as, with this list, I have now gone 4-0 against heavily mechanized lists I have discovered that people are made of stupid sometimes.  This list has taught me that Repentia get better the lower the points cost and the later into the game they're introduced, so keeping them in reserve is a necessity.  The Eversor, honestly, is pretty hit or miss, but when he hits he hits hard.  I'd honestly like more than just the two faith points provided by the Pally and her retinue, but I haven't found myself really needing them.

Having anti-tank in every squad except the Eversor has really made the difference here, compared to my normal list where I ten to rely on Krak Grenades in all my squads and Meltas with Seraphim.  What can I say?  I like burny.  The Heavy Flamers help a ton too, as at 1k they tend to annihilate everything that isn't a Space Marine since people tend to rely more on the free cover saves than Invuls or extra armor.  Dominions always make up their points cost, no matter what they're armed with, especially when you drop them in an Immolator.  My 2k list runs two squads of them with so much flamer.  So much flamer......

I do miss my Excorcists (Der Uber Tank) but they're much too points intensive for this level of play.  Without screening units, even with AV13 they're too vulnerable to anti-tank, most especially on a 4x4 board.


  1. Well I really really appreciate the practice!! And yes those Repentia are scurry!! rrrRRrrRRsaws! You've got a very good list going there and I think the Immolator was a good addition.

  2. Going by memory, you need that Inquisitor to be able to take an Assassin.

  3. Yes, noticed that a while after taking that list. Haven't figured out a fix for it yet though. Good eye!